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#CYOL – Choose Your Own Life

I read an obituary of a noted children’s author, which included this quote:

There is never a day in which you are not confronted with choice.

Some seemingly small choices can determine the path of the rest of your life.  

R. A. Montgomery

Reading “The Abominable Snowman”, it was difficult not to draw parallels to the choices students make on a daily basis.

Reading his bio info the power of choice is evident in his life and work.

R. A. Montgomery Bio Info

It is one of the many reasons accounting for the rampant popularity of his books.

His biography confirms its roots in current “Gamification Pedagogy”.

To have a document, a reference, a portal that shows:

  • Your path
  • Your options
  • Your choices
  • Your trajectory
  • Your outcomes

This kind of tool would prove invaluable to the digital generation.

Use the #CYOL to relate your trajectory so others may choose to follow.