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A Path less Travelled

A Path less Travelled

Learning and leading has been at the forefront of my experience in my career.

  • Learning the Creative Design Process through four years of secondary work in high school and applying it through my study of Architecture in college.
  • Studying the functional components required in the development of water features and packaging a standard process merging creativity and engineering of these particular features.
  • Training in the technical issues of project estimation/construction and applying pattern recognition to identify standard elements of diverse construction projects.

The realization of this work came only through the ability to transfer this knowledge to a defined process, communicate its value to colleagues to secure adoption and measurement of outcomes both in the aesthetic reaction of the end user and the quantitative analysis of profit and loss.

This sums up the trajectory of my experience in the world outside of “education” but required me to marshall elements of educational pedagogy to insure continued success.

I came to education from an engineering and construction background and have used my skills to advance the production process, as opposed to moving toward administration, where people abdicate their role on the front line of producing and delivering and delegate the complexity of product delivery.

After extensive work, I extended my vision through post-graduate work in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, recognizing the critical components behind disruptive innovation and the basis for successful business ventures.

This required adopting the position of a continuous learner but never shying away from the role of “temporary expert & advocate” in the area of a particular process.  This world of continuous learning has exploded with the advent of the “virtual learning environment”.  I have been promoting the potential of online learning to the current student population and it extension into a continuous learning environment for continuous learners.

Most encounter online course materials as “de rigueur” for entry level college courses but this access is oft times restricted and requires a “ticket” for admission and participation.

However, offerings through a variety of well-known colleges have begun to break down barriers to this type of content through sites like:

  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • Acumen+

I reside in a “gigcity” renowned for internet speed but with idle computing capacity in libraries and schools.  This resource could move a population toward continuous “student centered, self-directed learning”. (Heutagogy: student-centered, self-directed learning.)

School leaders and administrators have the opportunity to open these resources to their “zone” and encourage engagement in an under-engaged population.  Industry leaders have the opportunity to pressure this move to more open access by stating specific demands outside of the “ticketed admission” channels of post-secondary education and throw open their doors to a population interested in self-improvement with the hurdles of “acceptance” and allow self-determined interests guide learning to enhance the trajectory of people’s lives and careers.