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BSP – August 9, 2017

BSP – August 9, 2017

My first two rounds of clients arrive tomorrow and the next 4 rounds in three weeks. 26 students in a classroom environment and 28 in an independent study environment,

They are sharing a need to gain “educational credit” for coursework designated to contribute to their progress toward graduation. They will enter a computer based, blended learning environment to gain access to these credits,


Computer literacy

Willingness & Ability to work in a self paced, isolated environment

As the leader of this group i have choices:

  1. Data Driven facilitation – developing a snapshot of a student’s capabilities from the data trail generated by the student. I connect this approach to the Fixed- Growth Mindset with the data representing a “fixed picture” and outlining to the instructor the areas of “growth”.
    1. Fixed Mindset Search
    2. Growth Mindset Search
  2. Blank Slate facilitation – take the student as they walk in the door, give them a thorough orientation of of the task at hand along with their environment and resources. This method allows a picture to develop of the student’s current capabilities. I connect this approach to Project Based Learning where a scenario is outlined, the student is granted access to a variety of tools and the work product represents a student’s use of the tools.
    1. Tabula Rasa
    2. Tabula Rasa Educational Theory

I choose Blank Slate and will approach it using these models:

Tomorrow commences Blank Slate and I intend to share daily observations with the intent of connecting past pedagogical study,

I would appreciate your feedback as I mount this project,