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BSP – August 10, 2017

Literacty Stategies in Math –


Thank you so much for the article and this echoes a number of strategies that were discussed in several of my cohort trainings over the last two years.

· THEC Disciplinary Literacy through Apps

· Core Coach Training discussions for the Tennessee State Standards Rollouts

· Item Writing & Item Review sessions with Questar to develop field test questions for the State Tests

· SpringBoard training on Unit Planning for HCDE Textbook adoptions

The example cited in the text was actually extracted from the Districts last adoption which had a diverse selection of reading supports included with the text but it requires additional constructs developed by the instructor to “get at this protocol”.

The extended discussion of the SpringBoard Embedded Assessments and Learning Targets parallels this protocol and has proven effective in my delivery of Geometry and Algebra 1.

However, the conditions that I am encountering in my population are linked directly to an inability to decode and fluently read math technical texts. This is also stymied by retention of past vocabulary.

The NCTM article suggests that math teachers are ideally suited to train students to read these technical texts; however, the pace at which we cover materials (especially Algebra 2) have to assume fluency which is not present.

Last year in my work with ELA RTI students there was a vast separation between Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension. I am looking for texts that address this issue in a consistent use of research based protocol(s) to enhance performance in Reading Comprehension.

I will “progress monitor” students in the ReadingPlus program and may have some of the Edgenuity content for math switch to text from verbal delivery.

If you have a moment I would like to discuss strategies to migrate some of the Edgenuity materials in text form without corrupting its purpose.

Jim Snyder